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The Law Office of Donna M. Hougen cares about you and your family. Through Hougen Divorce Law, clients benefit from focused one-on-one attention that recognizes individual and diverse needs with an approach designed to clear away confusion to help you prioritize your concerns and the legal action you want. Once your desires are clear, reviewing the cost benefits and potential outcomes with your attorney takes place allowing you to rationally define legitimate objectives you want Hougen Divorce Law lawyers to pursue for you. When a Hougen Divorce Law attorney represents you, meeting your objectives becomes Donna Hougen's number one priority.

Attorneys at Hougen Divorce Law are highly educated individuals who explore the law with you, and understand the stress, emotion, and importance of what is at stake and what is involved in family law matters. Donna Hougen, Esq. sensitizes her staff and associates to your viewpoint making your legal team responsive and understanding while at the same time cutting through your defense mechanisms and preparing you for what lays ahead on you legal matter, whether that be a grueling trial or an intense negotiation.

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Successfully serving clients in Mesa and Gilbert and throughout the East Valley in Arizona.

Hougen Divorce Law attorneys fiercely protect your individual and family rights.

Handling divorce law, family law and family crime cases in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona since 1998.

For experienced, strategic and affordable representation for your family and family crime matters, call our law office at (480) 535-8422, or fill out the contact form on our website to schedule a free consultation with a Hougen Divorce Law attorney.