Arizona Asset Division and Protection
Arizona Debt Distribution Attorney

Skilled Mesa divorce lawyer, PROTECTING YOUR INTERESTS no matter how complex the case.

At the Law Office of Donna M. Hougen, we have extensive experience dealing with family law cases involving dividing marital assets, debt and property even in the most complex and contentious cases. We are ready to protect your interests, achieve your goals, and help you to pick your battles wisely and avoid making mistakes.

Arizona is a community property state and in a divorce all property, assets and debts acquired during your marriage will be considered by the court.

We understand Arizona marital distribution laws and are experienced at protecting your financial interests. We help experts in the forensic analysis of your financial documents and calculations of accurate values of homes and other real estate, family businesses and retirement funds. We also try to uncover any hidden assets.

We commonly assist our clients with:

  • Determining if an asset is shared or separate property
  • Enforcing a prenuptial agreement
  • Dividing marital debt
  • Dividing tax deductions and exemptions
  • Working out problems involved with dividing up property when spouses are self-employed
  • Military pensions and service benefits

Protecting your interests in your Arizona divorce settlement.

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